General Publications

A Summary of Twenty Years Experience with Linear Motors and Alternators
Redlich, R. (1995) Summary of Sunpower’s experience with and assessment of the common types of linear motor-alternators.

A Technical Introduction to Free-Piston Stirling Cycle Machines: Engines, Coolers, and Heat Pumps
Bowman, L. (1993) Ideal and practical Stirling cycles for heating and refrigeration.

Applications of Simple Stirling Engines
Beale, W.T. (1986) Design, performance and operating experience of a sample of Stirling machines: a free-cylinder water pump, engine/alternator and duplex heat pump.

Linear Dynamics of Free-Piston Stirling Engines
Berchowitz, D.M.; Redlich, R.W. (1985) Investigation of the linear dynamics of three typical Stirling engine configurations.

Duplex Stirling Machines
Penswick, L.B., Urieli, I. (1983) Review of Sunpower’s duplex technology-a Stirling engine driving a Stirling cycle heat pump.

The Development of Stirling Engines at Sunpower Inc.
Beale, W.T. (1983) Description of machines built at Sunpower from 1974 to 1983.

A Free Cylindar Stirling Engine Solar Powered Water Pump
Beale W.T. (1979) Description of a 250 watt unit and its potential using a sample of solar energy collectors.

Some Stirling Engine Designs for Solar Energy – Concepts, Analysis and Test Results
Beale W.T. (1977) Labelled line drawings of five Sunpower free-piston Stirling engines.

Free Piston Stirling Engines – Some Model Tests and Simulations
Beale, W.T. (1969) Preliminary investigation of free-piston Stirling engines