Cooling and Gas Compression Publications

A High Performance Linear Compressor for CPU Cooling
Reuven Unger, Shlomo Novotny (2002) Description and analysis of applicability of a compact compressor to CPU spot refrigeration with low power consumption, low vibrations, long life, and very low cost.

A Stirling-Rankine Fuel-Fired Heat Pump
Wood, G.W., Unger, R.Z., Lane, N.L. (2000) Description of a design combining recent advances in Stirling engine and free-piston compressor development into an efficient fuel-fired heat pump.

Development and Testing of a Linear Compressor Sized for the European Market
Unger, Reuven Z.(1999) Small linear compressor designed for integration into refrigerators for the European market.

Linear Compressors for Clean and Specialty Gases
Unger, Reuven Z. (1998) Examples of free-piston (linear) compressor designs with divergent applications.

Linear Compressors for Non-CFC Refrigeration
Unger, R.Z., van der Walt, N.R. (1996) Test results of linear compressors for refrigeration, and projections for their performance as high-efficiency air conditioners.

Stirling Coolers for Solar Refrigerators
Berchowitz, D.M. (1996) Application of solar powered refrigerator for off-grid operation, and development and test results of working hardware.

Stirling Engines for Gas Fired Micro-Cogen and Cooling
Lane, N.W., Beale, W.T. (1996) Design and performance of free-piston Stirling engine-alternators particularly suited for use as natural gas fired micro-cogen and cooling devices.

Linear Compressors: Motor Configuration, Modulation and Systems
Redlich, R., Unger, R., van der Walt, N. (1996) Linear motor configurations, potential applicability to linear compressors, and practical considerations are discussed.

Test Results for Stirling Cycle Cooled Domestic Refrigerators
Berchowitz, D.M., Kiikka, D.E., Mennink, B.D. (1996) Preliminary investigation into Stirling coolers (FPSC) integrated with well-insulated cabinets.

Recent Advances in Stirling Cycle Refrigeration
Berchowitz, D.M.; Kiikka, D.; Mennink, B.D. (1995) Discussion of the potential of Stirling cycle cooled vacuum super insulated (VSI) fridges

The Free-Piston Stirling Cooling System; Improving the energy efficiency of refrigerators
Global Cooling BV, Sunpower Inc., Greenpeace (1995) Comparison of Stirling cycle cooling systems and the Rankine compressor cooling systems. Overview of the characteristics of the free-piston Stirling cycle cooling system and the development of a Stirling refrigerator prototype.

Linear Compressors – A Maturing Technology
(1994) Developmental stages to a commercially viable compressor.

Development of an Improved Stirling Cooler for Vacuum Super Insulated Fridges with Thermal Store and Photovoltaic Power Source for Industrialized and Developing Countries
Mennink, B.D.; Berchowitz, D. (1994) Performance of a free-piston Stirling cooler and a super insulated fridge specifically designed for high efficiency domestic refrigeration.

Stirling Refrigerator for Space Shuttle Experiments
McDonald K.; Berchowitz, D.; Rosenfeld, J.; Lindemuth J. (1994) Design and development of an Orbiter Refrigerator/Freezer based on a Stirling cycle cooler (SOR/F).

Progress on Free-Piston Stirling Coolers
Berchowitz, D.M.; Bessler, W.F. (1993) Development of free-piston Stirling coolers continues, with some notable achievements.

Thermally Actuated Duplex Free-Piston Stirling System for Domestic Cooling and Heating Applications
Chen, G.; Beale, W.T. (1993) Performance and economic study of duplex free-piston Stirling system for residential air conditioning and heating.

Free-Piston Rankine Compression and Stirling Cycle Machines for Domestic Refrigeration
Berchowitz, D.B. (1993) Efficiency comparison of conventional compressor, free-piston compressors, and Stirling coolers.

Stability Criteria and Capacity Modulation for a Free-Piston Stirling Engine Driven Linear Compressor
Chen, G.; McEntee, J. (1993) Analytical models and experimental results.

Free-Piston Stirling Coolers
Berchowitz, D.M. (1992) Linear analysis of dynamics of Sunpower non-Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) cryocooler and coolers and how dynamics affect machine designs.

The Simulation and Design of a High Efficiency, Lubricant-Free, Linear Compressor for a Domestic Refrigerator
van der Walt, N.R., Unger; R (1992) Development of a replacement linear compressor for domestic refrigeration.

Free-Piston Stirling Coolers for Intermediate Lift Temperatures
Berchowitz, D.M. (1992) Investigation of Stirling cycle coolers at temperatures higher than cryogenic ranges.

Computer Modeling and Simulation of a Magnetically Coupled Stirling Engine-Linear Compressor Heat Pump as a Typical Thermo/Fluid/Dynamic System
Chen, G.; McEntee, J.; Shonder, J. (1992) Dynamic modelling of a free-piston Stirling engine-driven compressor.

Lower-End Dynamic Characteristics of a Magnetically Coupled Free-Piston Stirling Engine/Compressor System
Chen, G., McEntee, J. (1991) Effect of compressor, starter and gas springs on performance of a Stirling engine/compressor system.

Evaluation of the Free-Piston Stirling Cycle for Domestic Cooling Applications
Fabien, M.J. (1991) Analysis of free-piston Stirling machines for domestic refrigeration and comparison over various temperature and input ranges.

Experimental Performance of a Free-Piston Stirling Cycle Cooler for Non-CFC Domestic Refrigeration Applications
Berchowitz, D.M., Unger, R. (1991) Performance of a Stirling cycle cooler replacement for Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) machines.

Estimated Size and Performance of a Natural Gas Fired Duplex Stirling for Domestic Refrigeration Applications
Berchowitz, D.M., Shonder, J. (1991) Duplex Stirling machines investigated and compared to current Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) coolers.

Dynamic Characteristics Concerned in the Design of a Free-Piston Stirling Engine/Magnetic Coupling/Compressor System
Chen, G (1989) Description of a Stirling engine-driven heat pump which transfers engine power to a compressor via a magnetic coupling.

System Design and Performance Prediction of a Gas-Fired Free-Piston Stirling Engine/Magnetic Coupling/Compressor Assembly in a Residential Heat Pump
Chen, G., Beale, W.T. (1989) Analysis of system performance of a gas-fired heat pump.

Magnetically Linked Free-Piston Stirling-Refrigerant Compressor Heat Pump
G.Chen, W.T. Beale (1988) Preliminary results for a magnetically linked free-piston Stirling engine.

Evaluation of a Magnetic Coupling for Hermetic Power Transmission in a Stirling-Rankine Heat Pump
Chen, G., Redlich, R., Shade, D. (1988) Investigation results of a magnetic coupling intended for use with a free-piston Stirling engine driven heat pump.

Duplex Stirling Machines
Penswick, L.B., Urieli, I. (1983) Review of Sunpower’s duplex technology-a Stirling engine driving a Stirling cycle heat pump.