Fields of Use

Sunpower products have three predominant fields of use.

Stirling Engines Serving Aerospace Markets

The largest current field of use utilizing our Stirling engine is in the aerospace markets. Centered on custom design, development, and low-rate production of Stirling engines, this service area is predominantly for the National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) and provides a stable, profitable platform that enables Sunpower to develop core technologies for future engine development. To read more about our space fields of use follow the link for space fields of use.

Stirling Cryocooler Products

The CryoTel cryocooler product line is used for a broad range of fields of use. We have state-of-the-art Stirling coolers for cryogenic applications requiring 5 to 15W of thermal lift. To learn more about our CryoTel line of cryocoolers, follow the link for CryoTel fields of use.

R&D Programs for Commercial Fields of Use

Another field of use is commercial engines for critical remote power, solar and military fields of use. This business is in its nascent stages, and is focused on commercialization of Sunpower’s core engine technology for commercial, terrestrial markets. Through our significant years of experience, Sunpower has built the experience and capabilities to serve any custom Stirling development needs. In general, we can contract to develop custom engines, cryocoolers and complete power generation systems. Current commercial engine technology remains in a development stage.