Engineering Services

Sunpower is an advanced technology provider with nearly four decades of experience in free-piston Stirling technology design, development, fabrication, testing and system integration. Anchored by a multi-discipline, energetic Engineering Services group, Sunpower works closely with customers to develop new and custom solutions, engineer basic technologies into new products, or tailor existing products to customer specifications.

Engineering Services are applied to each of Sunpower’s core technologies, from proof-of concept through to production, serving markets such as industrial, educational, laboratory and government clients. Areas of use range from consumer to military, terrestrial to aerospace, and stationary to portable.

Building on the invention of the free-piston Stirling engine, Sunpower has designed more than 50 different technology platforms and has built over 350 prototype units for a wide variety of applications. These activities have led to such successes as the CryoTel line of products and the NASA Advanced Stirling Convertor.

Sunpower also maintains a significant intellectual property/licensing business which can offer customers unique solutions using our intellectual property. The commercialization of innovative new technologies enabling customized products allows opportunities for partnerships and collaboration. If you have an application for Stirling technology, please contact us with your requirements.